Our values

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We are committed to delivering solutions, strategically tailored to our clients’ unique reality.

Korab International has been in the Pulp and Paper industry since 1912–our experience and dedication to this activity allows us to navigate the business, bringing our own perspective to the circle of trusted clients and partners.

The 100 year old reputation of our firm is a result of strong investment in sustainable success and we proudly set a framework for our collaborators that promotes long-term, creative, and innovative thinking.

Our strength lies in a unique approach to customer care, providing undivided attention to our partners and adapting to individual conditions under which they have to operate.

In recent years, we have been accelerating our efforts in emerging markets, expanding our work in Asia and Africa specifically. Operating in new environments  is and has always been an intrinsic part of our organization. We not only value the opportunity to engage with different cultures but are truly enthusiastic towards building new networks within the Pulp and Paper world.

As a corporation, Korab also supports a number of organizations with social or artistic purpose.  Keep an eye on the news section to learn more about some of the wonderful projects our offices are involved with.


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