Launching our New Logo and Website

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In September 2012, Korab will be celebrating it Centennial and used the opportunity to re-design its logo and website.


When thinking about designing our new logo, we tried to think of Korab’s cultural background. We were presented with various alternatives for our new logo, of which one represented a bridge. We did not hesitate.

Korab was founded in Istanbul in 1912. The city has historically been a melting pot of so many cultures, religions, and traditions. Korab’s DNA has been nourished by such heritage. We celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity and always respect and cherish those differences. This eclectic background has allowed us to grow from a local Turkish firm to an international trading company and among the numerous learnings, adaptability and enthusiasm towards new horizons play a great role in our daily business activities.

While re-designing our logo, we decided to also renew our website. Online communication is now an essential tool in facilitating business. The idea with this new website is not only to share more but better what our business, our company, and our vision are about.

We hope that our clients, partners and collaborators will enjoy reading it and look forward to hearing feedback on it.

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