Korab Starts 3D Printing Department

Korab International has opened a new department for 3D printing, 3DMASTER.

With 3d printers you can reduce the time of prototyping and help people to see their final product in advance.

3DMASTER  are the reseller of four printing companies and one material supplier which are CRAFTBOT, B9CREATOR, ZMORPH, BE3D and FORMFUTURA.


We are as Korab International very excited to go in to 3D printing market.
Please visit us on www.3dmaster.com.tr .


RockTenn & Korab Event in Istanbul

To express our joint commitment to customers in the Turkish Market, RockTenn and Korab organised an event at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Istanbul on the 7th of November, 2013, introducing RockTenn’s Corrugated Packaging leaders.

Mr.James B. Porter,  president of RockTenn’s Corrugated Packaging business, personally made a presentation about RockTenn and the market fors its products.

Strong attendance by customers, who stayed to meet wtih RockTenn leaders one-on-one during the reception, indicates high interest.


Korab Group Sales Conference 2013 Marstrand Sweden


Karelia Pulp / JSC Kondapoga has appointed Korab International as their exclusive sales channel and only partner for newsprint into Africa, Israel and Latin America.

It is a strategic partnership to introduce and expand Kondapoga newsprint sales into these markets which we believe will be future key export markets. By combining the vast network and trading experience of Korab in these markets with Kondapoga’s quality newsprint paper, we aim to become one of the major suppliers of newsprint in these regions on a long-term basis.

Mark Kornfilt has joined the Board of Directors of Korab International

It is our pleasure to announce that Mark Kornfilt, son of our Founder and Chairman Mario Kornfilt, has joined the Board of Directors of Korab International AB.

Mark is a co-founder and active partner in the IT company, Livestream,  with offices in North America, Europe and India. Livestream’s business operation is to connect people and live events.

We welcome Mark to our Board and look forward to receiving inspiration, innovative ideas and support through his background and experience in the IT industry.

RockTenn has nominated Korab as their exclusive agent

We are  pleased to announce that RockTenn has nominated Korab International as their exclusive agent for selling containerboard and fluff pulp products in Turkey.

RockTenn (NYSE: RKT) is one of North America’s leading integrated manufacturers of corrugated and consumer packaging. RockTenn’s 26,000 employees are committed to exceeding their customers’ expectations – every time. The Company operates locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and China.

Fiskeby Board AB – New Business Partner

Since October Korab International & Co is Fiskeby´s main business partner in marketing and sales of all types of discounted board; stocklots, start-ups, side-runs and fill-out orders. Main markets are Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Fiskeby Board AB has been manufacturing paper and board since 1637, and are now dedicated to producing “Multiboard”, Europe’s strongest recovered fibre board.


Korab Group launches Korab International & Co

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Korab International & Co, a subsidiary company within the Korab Group.

The company will specialise in the marketing and sales of all types of discounted papers; stocklots, start-ups, side-runs and fill-out orders. In pairing Korab Groups’ strong financials and 100-year long history in the paper and pulp industry with the specialised knowledge in Korab International & Co, the goal is to become the number one partner in the handling, marketing and sales of discounted papers.

As such, Korab International & Co will be offering a tailored solution to all of its suppliers; from spot deals to a transparent integration into our partners’ supply chain with comprehensive contracts for all their discounted papers. Building on this expertise in the segment along with our global reach in marketing and sales, our strategy is to support our partners regardless of the market situation.
Although a new company, the partners at Korab International & Co bring numerous years of experience from the industry and will have a global reach in both sourcing and sales.

For any further questions please feel free to contact us as per below.

Jan Kristiansson / Asia
Direct +46 31 771 87 60
Mobile +46 70 568 05 22
Email: jan.kristiansson@korab.se
Skype: jankristiansson
Jens Galatius / Asia
Direct +46 31 771 87 61
Mobile +46 70 585 62 14
Email: jens.galatius@korab.se
Skype: jensgalatius
Linus Holmdahl / Africa
Direct: +46 31 771 87 51
Mobile: +46 70 590 98 00
Email: linus.holmdahl@korab.se
Skype: linus.holmdahl1
Jakob Grinneback / Africa
Direct: +46 31 771 87 57
Mobile: +46 76 239 84 66
Email: jakob.grinneback@korab.se
Skype: jakob.grinneback
Robin Paijkull Knapp / Middle East
Direct: +46 31 771 87 55
Mobile: +46 73 512 18 68
Email: robin.knapp@korab.se
Skype: robinpaijkull

Celebrating Our 100 Year Anniversary

On 6 September 2012, we will be gathering our families, friends, partners and clients in Istanbul to celebrate Korab’s Centennial.



Supporting Turkey’s Youth Orchestra

Korab supports the Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (TYPO).

Directed by Cem Mansur, The National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Turkey is made up of the best young upcoming musical talent in Turkey. The students at conservatories in İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya and other cities are aged between 14 and 21.

The Orchestra will be touring European capitals from 7 to 22 September 2012, and giving the concert opening night, Friday 7 September, at Saint Chora Church, a beautiful former Eastern Orthodox church located in the outer courtyard of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Learn more about the TYPO and the program here: