Korab Group launches KorCo AB

We are very pleased to announce the launch of KorCo AB, a subsidiary company within the Korab Group.

The company will specialise in the marketing and sales of all types of discounted papers; stocklots, start-ups, side-runs and fill-out orders. In pairing Korab Groups’ strong financials and 100-year long history in the paper and pulp industry with the specialised knowledge in KorCo, the goal is to become the number one partner in the handling, marketing and sales of discounted papers.

As such, KorCo will be offering a tailored solution to all of its suppliers; from spot deals to a transparent integration into our partners’ supply chain with comprehensive contracts for all their discounted papers. Building on this expertise in the segment along with our global reach in marketing and sales, our strategy is to support our partners regardless of the market situation.
Although a new company, the partners at KorCo bring numerous years of experience from the industry and will have a global reach in both sourcing and sales.

For any further questions please feel free to contact us as per below.

Jan Kristiansson / Asia
Direct +46 31 771 87 60
Mobile +46 70 568 05 22
Email: jan.kristiansson@korco.se
Skype: jankristiansson
Jens Galatius / Asia
Direct +46 31 771 87 61
Mobile +46 70 585 62 14
Email: jens.galatius@korco.se
Skype: jensgalatius
Linus Holmdahl / Africa
Direct: +46 31 771 87 51
Mobile: +46 70 590 98 00
Email: jakob.grinneback@korco.se
Skype: jakob.grinneback[/wpcol_1half_end]
Robin Paijkull Knapp / Middle East
Direct: +46 31 771 87 55
Mobile: +46 73 512 18 68
Email: robin.knapp@korco.se
Skype: robinpaijkull

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